The Difference is in the Details


Shannon Tierney takes home building personally. It’s like he’s building each house as his own. He knows it’s built the best way it can be built, using the best materials and with the attention to detail that has made his reputation as a contractor who cares and whom you can trust. And when the house is finished, he can stand back knowing he has succeeded in delivering the home he promised he’d deliver. But don’t take our word for it. Just click on a name on the left and read what some Tierney homeowners have to say.

  • It was a pleasure doing business with someone who takes such pride in the work he does. I would highly recommend Shannon Tierney Construction to anyone interested in buying a new home.

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  • Shannon truly understands the importance of taking care of the customer to ensure repeat business. I feel the most successful companies are those who build the strongest relationships with their customers. Shannon is a true professional when it comes to carrying this out.

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  • I would like to commend your company for being more than just a construction company, but friends to our family and ready to assist us after the signing.

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  • From the initial planning stages to the final warranty reviews, Shannon and his sub-contractors have been nothing short of professional throughout the entire process.

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  • Since we bought the house and moved in we’ve come to understand all the design details that Shannon added and the thoughtful decisions he made that make the house live-able. I also appreciate the construction quality and the well-planned landscaping.

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